Cape Counselling Dunsborough

I have come to know through my studies that we are extremely complex biologically, psychologically, sociologically and spiritually. And even in a free, rich country, in an area which is one of the most beautiful environments in WA, we still struggle with life and its challenges.

Around about my teens, I began to notice injustice and lack of opportunity because of class distinctions and poverty. I began to think about these issues, and that thinking led to further exploration of the difficulties we all experience in our lives.

So now I am in Private Practice, after completing two undergraduate degrees, and spending a further two years in mental health clinical settings. Contrary to the public perception, I found that the mental health professionals I worked with had a real concern for the patients' wellbeing and consulted widely with the significant other people in the patients' life, in the structuring of a plan for recovery. Working in both inpatient and outpatient settings with the Health Department and then broadening my experience to Community Health. From there I moved down south and worked with South West Counselling, a not for profit organization. What a journey, but you know what? I really enjoy the work, the clients and my colleagues.

That's my purpose, that's why I'm here.