Grief & Loss
How we can help you

Grief and loss are events which inevitably touch all of us in some way. When we lose a loved one, a relationship or a job we can often feel as though we are weighed down with a great sadness. One can think they are going crazy and have no control over the situation at all.

Grief can’t be treated as such, but knowing what to expect and having supportive counselling gives the client opportunities to talk about their loss and often the mixed feelings and emotions they experience.

Clients are encouraged to talk about things, they may have discussed before at length. In outside relationships, people often don’t want to bring friends and family down by talking about it too much. This can delay the process and so engaging in counselling can create a space for healing to begin.

My approach to therapy is very client centred. This is a non-prescriptive approach which allows the client choices as to which techniques would suit their own specific realities.