About our couselling services

  • How can you help me if my friends and family can't?
    Often when we talk to friends and family we are unable to explore aspects of our feelings out of fears of being judged or being misunderstood. This is due to familial patterns which we absorb growing up. Also, we tend to get a lot of advice which can sometimes be conflicting, resulting in confusion about which way to go. There is often also the fear of your story getting out through lack of confidentiality principles. I can assist by having a different kind of relationship with you. The therapeutic relationship is empathic, non-judgmental and confidential. I can help you explore options about ways of thinking about your particular problem or set of problems, thus walking with you through a process of understanding yourself more and identifying areas where you do have the ability to choose more helpful ways of working through your issues.
  • If I am grieving over the loss of a loved one, how can you help – you can't fix that?
    You are right, I can't bring your loved one back, but I can support you through the normal and necessary process of grieving. I can talk with you about the various emotions you can expect to experience and that these are normal responses to loss. You are not going insane. I can also explore with you the ways in which your life is changed forever because of your loss, these changes can be both positive and negative but achieving a balance and an acceptance of the loss is the long term aim.
  • What about the cost?
    I choose to charge much less than the recommended consultation fee suggested by my Professional Association (AASW). You can obtain a substantial Medicare Rebate if your GP refers you on a Mental Health Care Plan. In that case you end up spending around $30. If you come with a referral and hold a Health Care Card, I can bulk bill at no cost to you. If you do not come with a referral or do not hold a Health Care Card I can see you privately at an affordable rate to be negotiated. Please see my fees and charges on the menu.
  • I suffer from depression and even the doctor can't fix it, how can you?
    When we experience depression we often feel disconnected from our family and friends. We can experience feelings of loneliness, hopelessness and despair. Often, this condition is invisible to those around us or they simply don't understand the deep emotional pain we suffer. I can be alongside with complete understanding of how it is for you. I can provide some simple strategies to help you work through the difficulties which come with being in a depressed state. I can also help your family understand the nature of the condition by providing information on how best to help you.
  • My partner and I are having relationship problems, you don't even know us, so how can you possibly help?
    That's true; I will not know even a small percentage of your lives and the difficulties you both experience together. I can however, observe the way you communicate with each other, your body language and the way you have been problem solving together. Sometimes people are so overwhelmed by their circumstances that they can't see anyway out. Sometimes, there is a power imbalance in the relationship which can be identified and worked with. I can also give you some information on the lifecycle of the couple and the danger spots when people often contemplate breaking up. Also there is the added issue of 'fly in fly out' relationships which seems to put an added strain on the relationship. This is not ideal but relationships can survive, and successfully, with a little help in identifying the basics of a good relationship and how you can both apply them to your long term goals.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    The best way is to call me on 0427 931 111 or if I am unavailable, leave a clear message with your name and call back number on my message bank. I check my phone regularly. Another way is to leave me an email requesting an appointment or further information at capecounselling@bigpond.com Of course, there is always some fear involved in seeing a counsellor. I hope the above has been helpful in reducing that fear and giving you the message to that it's OK, 'just do it'. Marilyn